Cospatric is my middle name and my stage name. My real name being Harry Swinton - an amateur singer/songwriter from Edinburgh who now lives and works in London. My music and writing is my hobby that I try to make more of my life as I go on. In the past I have played live at small festivals in Scotland, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and venues across London. So far, all my music is recorded at a desk, on a bed or in a kitchen. Apologies for the poor quality. I am always keen to get involved wherever I can, and look to spend my time in London meeting other musicians and hopefully taking my hobby to another level.

Upcoming Gigs:

11/3/2014 - Cafe 1001, Brick Lane - 20:30

27/3/2014 - The Ark, Angel - 21:30

07/4/2014 - The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane - 20:30